Frequently Asked Questions About Window and Mirror Installations

Why is a 50% deposit required?

A 50% deposit is required due to glass and other products being specially ordered or made for you.

Is there a standard size and/or thickness of insulated units for windows or patio doors?

There is no standard size and/or thickness for the insulated units of patio doors or windows. All units are made custom sized.

Do insulated units come with a warranty?

Yes, insulated units come with a 10 year prorated warranty. Insulated units with grids/muntins come with a 5 year prorated warranty. The warranty covers seal failure (moisture buildup between panes). The warranty does not cover glass breakage. There is a one year labor warranty.

What is the average lead time for the production of an insulated unit?

Average lead time on production of insulated units is usually 7-10 business days, although if the glass is broken on the truck or when being made, it could be longer.

What is the lead time for install?

The lead time on install varies depending on the product, service, and time of year. During our busier seasons (Summer and Fall) lead time tends to be longer.

Why can’t Low-E coating on replacement insulated units be guaranteed to match current Low-E units you have?

Low-E cannot be guaranteed to match because different suppliers have different coatings, or coatings could be discontinued.

Are all insulated units able to be replaced?

Usually insulated units are able to be replaced, but sometimes there are windows that are made to be non-reglazable, so they are not able to be replaced.

Are Saturday appointments available for pick-up?

Yes, but by appointment only.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes, we give free estimates to Columbus and the surrounding suburbs.

Can you replace only one pane of my double pane window?

No, the whole unit needs to be replaced.

What is the difference between annealed and tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a safety glass required in doors, shower doors, and other areas as specified.

*No Returns on Custom Orders

Free Estimates

Free Estimates